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Stem Cell and Detoxification

Stem Cell and Detoxification Stem cells are a special type of human cell. That have ability develop into different types of cells. That is, to replace or replace damage cells in the body. It can also increase its own number. (self-renewal) and can also develop

Alonso satisfied with second half of Leverkusen.

Xabi Alonso, Bayer Trainer Leverkusen Satisfied with the team’s improved performance in the second half. Because the first half is clearly inferior sport. Pharmacy drew 1-1 with West Ham in the Europa League quarter-final second leg on Thursday. The combined results of the two matches

Bayern Munich puts up a sign not to sell Musiala.

Bayern Munich clearly has no desire to release Jamal Musiala from the team during the off-season. Reports continue to surface about the future of the 21-year-old attacking midfielder. After the media stated that the Southern Tigers had problems negotiating new contracts with football players. And