Know the causes of overlapping teeth and how to fix overlapping teeth.

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Know the causes of overlapping teeth and how to fix overlapping teeth.

Overlapping teeth and crooked teeth are things that make many people feel insecure. They are also obstacles in their daily lives, whether it is speaking or ทางเข้า ufabet chewing while eating. So, for those who have overlapping teeth and want treatment options other than tooth extraction or braces, what should they do?

This article will help you understand the causes of crowded and crooked teeth, as well as how to fix crowded teeth, such as clear braces and veneers, as well as other treatment options. 

What causes crowded teeth?

Crowded teeth are the appearance of teeth that are overlapped with other teeth or that appear incorrectly along the gum line. It can occur both inside and outside. It is caused by many factors as follows:

  • congenital

Many people inherit genetic traits from their parents. This causes the size of the upper and lower jaws to be unequal. Or the size of the teeth is so large that it is not related to the jaw. As a result, when teeth grow There will be crowding. Or it can be in the wrong position.

  • Childhood behavior

Some behaviors that are often done until they become habits in childhood, such as thumb sucking, bottle addiction, and in adults, such as chewing food hard or pushing the gums with the tongue, result in excessive pressure on the teeth and gums, causing the teeth to grow in the wrong position.

  • accident

Trauma from an accident can cause the jaw to become misshapen, causing the teeth to grow in the wrong position or crowded together.

  • Baby teeth fall out too early or too late

If baby teeth fall out prematurely This will cause permanent teeth to erupt in the wrong position. But what if baby teeth fall out too late? Permanent teeth come in to crowd out baby teeth. Until it can cause crowded teeth as well. 

Effects received from crowded teeth problems

Overlapping teeth is a cause of concern for many people and also has negative effects on health and lifestyle. The main effects that are often caused by overlapping teeth are as follows:

  • Risk of tooth decay and crooked teeth

Teeth that are in the wrong position and crowded together are difficult to clean, making them more susceptible to tooth decay. In addition, if the teeth are crowded together, it can cause the teeth to fall out. 

  • Difficulty chewing food 

Overlapping teeth affect the biting, tearing, and chewing of food. As a result, some people are unable to chew their food finely enough, which can cause digestive problems.

  • Bad breath

Overlapping teeth are difficult to clean and are at risk of food particles becoming trapped and fermenting in the gaps between the teeth, which causes bad breath, which has a serious impact on your personality.

  • Having trouble speaking

Since crowded teeth are caused by teeth growing in the wrong position and abnormal jaw size, it can result in unclear pronunciation of some words when speaking.

  • Lack of confidence 

Many people don’t dare to smile. Not daring to laugh or talk when meeting strangers Or even with people close to you. because I feel insecure Afraid of being noticed as having crowded teeth