Joe Cole insists Man Utd have chance of getting top four

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Joe Cole insists Man Utd have a chance of getting in the top four because Spurs made a mistake in buying it.

English offensive midfielder Joe Cole Out with a rational analysis that Manchester United have the opportunity to finish the season with the TOP 4 because of the important rivals Tottenham Hotspur buy players to reinforce the army in the winter market that has just close.

“The winter market that had just closed down On the surface, it appears Spurs have performed well with two new players, but the undeniable reality is that both Bentankur and Kulusevski have failed completely from Juventus. Tus,” Cole said to UFABET.

“Juventus is a team I have been following closely since my playing days. And had the opportunity to analyze the game through a few live broadcasts, that is, rarely seen them play for the team at all. Called as a permanent backup for the last 2 years ever.”

“Since they are players who do not play a role in the original agency. The question is, when coming here will help Spurs become stronger? Okay, you might be optimistic that Antonio Conte was able to make that happen with his own hands. But that’s the future. In terms of various factors, this is a very high-risk deal.”

“With my respect for the work of Conte and the Tottenham Hotspur club, it is impossible to say that Bentankur & Kulusevski will fail again in London. I also understand that each team has a limited budget to buy new players to add to the army. This might be the best solution for them at the moment.”